Born in “La Havane, Cuba”, he became Saxophonist, musical arranger and composer. Graduated from La Havane Conservatory ¨Amadeo Roldan ¨ (1998-2002).

While studying at the Conservatory he was elected like the saxophone player to be part of an International Youth Exchange Program called  ¨Los primos¨
 (2000). This project was born for the need of cultural interchanges in between musical schools from Cuba and Canada. At the same time, the money recollected was donated to buy musical instruments for primary schools.

 In the years 2000 and 2001 I had the opportunity to participate for this project at:

  • Saint John Jazz Festival (Nouveau Brunswick, 2000).
  • Halifax Jazz Festival (Nouvelle-Écosse, 2000).
  • Milk Festival (Toronto, 2001).

(2005) Film : El Benny. He was elected to play the role of the tenor saxophonist from the band “Banda Gigante de Benny Moré (Emblematic figure from Cuban Son, who was named The Mambo’s prince¨).

(2006) He continues his career on the group call “Mezcla” from Cuba, where he participate many times at The Havane Jazz Festival.

(2007) Participate, with the group “Mezcla”, at the Jazz Festival called “Festival de Jazz del Teatro libre”, Bogota, Colombia.

(2008) Participate at “Caribean Latin Jazz Festival”, Cayman Islands.

(2010)He plays at  different festivals and scenes from United States of America and Canada like:

  • Sonoma Jazz Festival (Sonoma, CA).
  • Joshi’s Club (Oakland, CA).
  • Jazz Alley (Seattle).
  • Heartland Cafe (Chicago).
  • Roshester Jazz Festival (New York).
  • Luminato Arts Festival (Toronto).

(2010) Travels to Scandinavian for:

  • Frank Zappa Festival (Drammen, Norvège).
  • Trondheim Latin Festivalen (Norvège).
  • 1st Syndicate of Denmark.

(2011) Comeback to Canada to play at:

  • Montreal Jazz Festival.
  • Toronto Jazz Festival.
  • Ottawa Blues Festival.

(2012) Goes to Europe for:

  • Bimhuis (Amsterdam).
  • Dolajazz Festival (Lillehamer, Norway).
  • Lartvik Latin Festival (Norway).
  • 1er Syndicate de Denmark.

(2013) Return to Montreal to participate at the creation of the album called “L’été en Janvier” from French Canadian singer Philémon Cimon.

(2014) Montreal, he participate in the release ofthe album “L’été en janvier” from Philémon Cimon.
Participate at “Montréal en Lumière”.

(2015) until now he is playing at different clubs like:

  • Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill
  • House of Jazz Montreal and Laval.
  • I worked together with the Canadian film director Margaux Ouimet for the production of the documentary “The new Cuba Libre” of which Nestor created a good part of the soundtrack, where he was also interviewed to talk about the figure of Jose Marti.